Creating a character for T-Mobile

Back at Tunnel 23, I was asked to design an avatar who would respond in to questions people ask on the T-Mobile website.

The character would react in a different way (showing my animations) each time a client asks a question. The programmers at Tunnel 23 did a great job at writing an algorithm that detects certain mean questions, making he look upset.

I really loved designing the character, whose name is Tinka by the way. Actually, the name started as a joke. When we were tossing around some names I just said: “Let’s call her Tinka. It has a “T” in it, T-Mobile.” As we didn’t find anything better we all referenced this project as “Tinka” and the it just stayed that way.

I also designed different looks for Tinka which would be displayed at different times of the year.

Advertising Agency: Tunnel 23